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  1.The teacher______ the students on a tour through the art museum.

  A. made

  B. indicated

  C. forced

  D. took


  D 此题考核的是固定搭配: take…on a tour。意为“带某人参观”。其他选项不能血肉相联这一搭配。

  2.Tom's parents died when he was a child, so he was____ _ by his relatives.

  A. grown up

  B. brought up

  C. raised up

  D. fed up


  B bring up抚养;grow up指长大,不能用以被动语态;raise up无此结构,但raise可表达“抚养”,意思同于bring up;feed up是喂养。

  3.Here is nay card. Let's keep in_______.

  A. touch

  B. relation

  C. connection

  D. friendship


  A 此题考核的是固定搭配,意思为“保持联系”。用keep in touch,其他选项不能血肉相联这一搭配。

  4.So far there is no proof _______people from other planets do exist.

  A. which

  B. how

  C. what

  D. that



  5.The newspapers reported yesterday several _______on the boundaries of these two countries.

  A. incidents

  B. happenings

  C. events

  D. accidents


  A incident指(谷被报复性政治谋杀的,国际贸易的重要性的)事件,争端;happenning表示偶然发生的事件; event指有深远意义的大事件,或是历史上的事件;accident表示偶然发生的出其不意的事故。本句的提到了两个国家之间的边界争端,属于政治事件,故选A。

  6.We've worked out the plan and now we must put it into_______.

  A. fact

  B. reality

  C. practice

  D. deed


  C此题考核的是固定搭配put…into practice,意思为:实施,付之实践。其他选项不能血肉相联这一搭配。

  7.He didn't _______and so he failed the examination.

  A. work enough hard

  B. hard work enough

  C. hard enough work

  D. work hard enough


  D 此题考核enough的用法。在修饰名词的时候放在名词的前面或背后;而在修饰副词或副词时,不得不放在副词或副词的背后。

  8.Not until Mr. Smith came to China _______ what kind of country she is.

  A. he knew

  B. he didn't know

  C. did he know

  D. he couldn't know


  C 否定词在句首,主句部分倒装,情态动词或补充助动词提前。

  9.Scientists say it may be ten years _______ this medicine was put to use.

  A. since

  B. before

  C. after

  D. when


  A 此题为由since引导的时间状语从句,意思为:自从此药投入使用以来,可能已经有十年了。其他的选项的意思都不正确。

  10.In some countries, _______ is called "equality" does not really mean equal rights for all people.

  A. 1hat

  B. what

  C. which

  D. how


  Bwhat引导名词性从句,既可以引导主语从句,又可以主语从句的充当主语成分。What is called equality 做整个句子的主语。